Joint Ventures (JV)

The current property market, with a lack of available funding, has become incredibly challenging for developers and investors. 360 Property, with its long company history, asset base, good credit rating and relationship with numerous banks and directly with development bridgers is able to gain access to funds many other companies or individuals are unable to.

360 Property completed its first two joint ventures in late 2011 with the purchase of a house in Exeter and a bungalow in Totnes.  This involved a " hands-off "role, just providing funding to purchase the properties and refurbishments.  Both properties were successfully refurbished and sold.  

Relationships are key to the success of our partnerships and, whilst legal documents are required with any JV, rapport and common values are key to the success of our business.  

 "It was a great pleasure doing the joint ventures with you in Exeter and Totnes. Thank you for all your input and the added value you brought to these projects.  You’re a true professional and a great inspiration and l hope we have the opportunity to work together again."  Bernie Sloane, Exeter


A recent JV involved raising £0.5 million for a developer to purchase a large site.  We did this within just 2 weeks. 360 Property has since bought 5 townhouses from the site to add to their property portfolio.

Latest Property Development - 360 Panorama

Phase 1 of the exciting Blaina, South Wales development of 24 houses kicks off with the first 6 houses of Phase 1 due to be completed by Summer 2014. For updates on the progress take a look at our Facebook Page.